AiRControl99 is a standalone editor/librarian for the JoMoX AiRBase 99 drum synthesizer.

It can control almost all parameters of the AiRBase.

Unlike most other editors available, AiRControl99 communicates with the AiRBase via MIDI-SysEx instead of MIDI-CC, which offers several advantages. Further information can be found in the manual.

System requirements

Windows 7 64bit or newer
JoMoX AiRBase 99 with firmware version >= 1.09


AiRControl99 (v1.1.0, ZIP, 2.86 MB)

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License and disclaimer

AiRControl99 is a hobby project and is offered as freeware.
You may not distribute, sell, rent, or modify this software without permission from the author.

Any liability or warranty is excluded.